How To Write SEO Friendly Content? Step By Step Guideline For Creating SEO Content

April 28, 2021

"Content is the king," but your content must be SEO friendly. If your content is not SEO optimized, you will not meet the demand of your readers. To get more readability to your article, you must write according to the search engine optimization process.

Do you want to know how to write SEO friendly content? In this article, I will guide you for SEO article writing. Though search engine optimization is a big concept, there are so many misunderstandings among people. But it is easy to write content if you can get some optimization ideas. Do you want to know the thoughts? Continue with me.

In this article, I will Cover:

  • What is SEO content?
  • Types of SEO content.
  • The best SEO content strategies.
  • Top keys to writing SEO content.
  • How to make your content SEO friendly?
  • SEO content marketing tips.
  • SEO Tools and Checklist.

So, you are going to know all these topics from my article. What are you waiting for? Let's start reading,

What Is SEO Content?

The phrase SEO Content is from two words. They are "SEO" and "Content." As we know that SEO stands for Search Engine Optimization, or it is the best way to optimize your website in search engines. It helps people to find your content when they search on google and other search engines.

The term "Content" means that there is some information on the website. It helps people to get their necessary information about what they are looking for on the search engines. So, we can say that "SEO Content" is content created with the target of attracting search engine traffic. It is a powerful technique to write SEO content for your website. It will get more and more traffic as it is created according to their prospects.

You can do the following steps for optimizing your website content:

  • Keyword Research: This is the first thing to do for your content optimization. To get more and real traffic to your website, you have to choose your content's right keyword. Perfect keyword research will make your content more appealing to the audiences.
  • Keyword Optimization: This is a crucial stage for SEO. It refers to place your keywords in the best position. 
  • Content Organization: It is also very essential for the website. Content should be organized logically. It will take the attention of your reader.
  • Content Promotion: To get your targeted audiences, you should promote your content to social media. It will help you to get traffic instantly.

Types Of SEO Content:

There are many types of SEO content. I will cover all these types at this stage. Let's see what the classes are:

  • Article
  • Blog Posts
  • Product pages
  • Guides
  • Lists
  • Guide
  • Videos
  • Infographics
  • Slideshows
  • Directories
  • Glossaries

There we are. These are the types an SEO content can be. So, whenever writing an article for a website and SEO-friendly, you can write any of this content.

Let's move on to the next step,

The best SEO content strategies:

It is essential to follow some strategies while writing SEO articles. I will give you the best techniques here. Are you excited? Let's keep knowing,

  • Set your goal: Before writing SEO content, you must set up your plan. It means are you looking to drive traffic to your website and generate sales? Or you want to give information to your readers. According to your goal set up, you can write your content.
  • Write for the audience: You must consider your audience while writing content. You have to keep in mind that you are writing for readers, not for search engines. You have to register for your audience.
  • Create a schedule for Posting: It is essential to make the best use of time. You should make a schedule when you can post to your website. When you get the best engagement and people are active, you can post your article.
  • Maintain Consistency: It is essential to post regularly. If you can post consistently, you can grave the attraction of your reader.

Top Keys To Write SEO Content:

At this stage, I will share some key features of writing an SEO friendly article. If you can follow this, it will help you. Let's start,

  • Write for the targeted audience with the right keyword.
  • Content must be reader-friendly.
  • Provide in-depth information.
  • Look after your website page speed.
  • Use related images with content.
  • Focus on the facts.
  • Follow focus snippet format while writing.
  • Write like an expert on this particular topic.
  • Do organic research on every keyword.
  • Solve the problem of your reader with useful information.

How to make your content SEO friendly?

  • Make eye-catchy title.
  • Optimize your meta tag.
  • Make headings.
  • Write short paragraphs.
  • A detailed description of the topic.
  • Use LSI words in a perfect place.
  • Solve the problem of your reader.
  • Provide a proper guideline.

SEO content marketing tips:

> Create content appealing to humans.

> Research on the keyword quality.

> Use headings smartly.

> Use keywords in the title, meta tags, and headings.

> Add alter the text to images.

> Use clickbait words to attract readers.

> Create perfect content.

SEO Content Optimization Tools and Checklist:

You can use some tools for your increment of SEO writing. Here are some tools that can help you. Let's take a look,

  1. Hemingway editor.
  2. Keyword density checker.
  3. SEO optimization.
  4. Help plug tracker.
  5. Read-able.
  6. Grammarly.
  7. Essay mama.

The Bottom Line:

It will not be easy to write SEO content. But if you can follow the process and instructions I provide in this content, you can write a perfect SEO friendly article. So, are you ready to rock on SEO content writing?

Let me know if my content is essential and informative for you. If there anything to know about content marketing, let me know in the comment box below. I will be there to help you. So, start writing and optimize your website with SEO friendly content.

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